Check Out What These Ten Year Olds Are Doing On Areavoices! – Areavoices Digest #84

I just love this idea! Matt and Graham are two ten year olds who love baseball. This summer they’re setting out on a six day six game six city baseball tour with their dads and they’re taking Areavoices with them. They’ve set up a blog to journal their adventures. It’s something we’ve seen a couple of times this summer. Remember the Nasello’s. They’re blogging as they travel through the state of North Dakota this summer.

This is such a great way to preserve the memories of your trip. Not only can your friends and family see what you’re doing, it’s a good way for you to look back years from now. Easier, than trying to find the time to put photos in a scrapbook or album. (I’m pretty sure I still have photos from a 1978 trip to Medora in an old Red Owl grocery bag lying around somewhere.)

Anyway, have fun Matt and Graham!

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