“Real Food” Vs Processed Food – Areavoices Digest #89

So as I sat the other day spraying cheese in a can on my snack crackers, I began to think “Can this be real cheese?”

Well the answer is “probably not.”  First clue: any cheese that’s spelled with a “z” is probably not the real deal. Second clue: When a dairy product gets loaded into an aerosol can it’s probably a red flag.

It’s not that it’s not good. But is it what’s best for you?

Study after study these days touts eating “real food.” The kind of food our grandparents and great parents ate. Think about what those people ate. They didn’t have fat-free this or fat-free that and most weren’t sipping on diet soda. It was the high octane stuff for them. And many of them looked great! I remember when I worked at WDAY-TV and the pictures hung up all over the building of early TV and radio personalities. What struck me most was the little itty bitty tiny waists these women had. How’d they get them?

Well one of our newest bloggers might have the answer.

In 2012, Char became more interested in “real food,” as she started to try and remove most processed foods from her diet. She’s learning as she goes and will use her new blog to document her experiences, successes and pitfalls. You’ll also get a recipe or two.

It’s just the first in our recommended blogs of the week.


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