I Need Your Input!

Hey Areavoices Bloggers! I need your opinion.

As always we’re looking at ways to improve and expand Areavoices. I’m interested in what you think. What do you want?

First, let me start by saying we are currently addressing the needs to tweak our spam filter. Areavoices has grown so fast we are being hit with spam blog posts. And let’s be honest. They mess it up for all of us. Because the filter is working overtime to trap the spammers, legitimate blogs sometimes get caught. (Think dolphins in a tuna net). I am so sorry about this. The good news is – it’s a super easy fix. Just email me or support@areavoices.com and your blog can get unmarked as spam in a matter of seconds. The spammers have also forced us to currently suspend postdating your blog post. In other words, if you write a blog post and set it to publish in two or three days, right now it won’t be able to do that. We’re working to solve the issue and hope to reactivate that feature. Again, our apologies. Again, email me if you have questions about scheduling your posts. We might be able to work something out.

So as we work on those issues we’re also examining things like whether you’d be interested in purchasing more storage space, custom domains, or different themes. Right now at Areavoices you can choose from dozens of themes and most bloggers find they have adequate storage space, but again let us know if you’d like something more.