Funny Halloween Costumes For Kids (and We Want To See Them!)

I was googling “Halloween Costumes for Kids” today. Not because my kids are in need of a costume. Nope. They knew what they were going to be weeks’ ago. Halloween is a very big deal at our house. But Forum Community Content Coordinator Shane Mercer and I were talking about how we’d love to use our websites to share all of the cute kids costumes we’ve seen lately. That’s when I found this article that just cracked me up. As you look at some of these kid’s costumes from Pinterest I think you’ll both be amazed and maybe a little frightened at the creative (or is it disturbed?) genius of some parents.

You’ll notice most of the kids wearing these costumes are far too young to object. Do you really think any kid over the age of 5 would agree to be Dwight Schrute for Halloween? Probably not.

Are you more creative than the parents in this article?  Are your kids more decked out? We’d like to help you find out. If you have Halloween pictures of your kids you think are worth sharing, send them to Then he’ll post them in our Kid Pics community blog. You could see your adorable little ghost, goblin or “The Office” character on our websites.

Think about it and have a fun Halloween!