You Can’t Be Too Rich Or Too Thin, Right?

That’s the famous saying isn’t it?

And at no time during the year do we think this more frequently than the holidays. We spend too much and we eat too much and we’d love to turn it all around.

Two Areavoices bloggers offer inspiration today.


LSS Financial Counseling offers us advice today on how not to overspend during the holidays in its blog Sense and Centisibility. You could save  yourself a lot of money and heartache reading this advice before Black Friday


After the holidays are over, many of us are faced with two depressing things: the bills and the scale. We’ve eaten way too much and our weight backs that up. Celeste Edenloff faced that demon 4 years ago today. She started her blog:

Confessions of a Fat Girl – 

Celeste has since turned her life around. You won’t believe her transformation. It’s not just how she looks but her entire lifestyle. Amazing. Inspirational!


And as those blogs get you on the right track toward eating healthy and watching your budget, remember for some people Black Friday is sport. If you’d like to share your Black Friday strategies and memories with us just email me at for publication in our Black Friday blog.