This Thanksgiving One Woman Is Grateful For North Dakota

I love Rachel Kelly’s author bio on her new Areavoices blog: Meanderings of a Zealous Mom. 

She uses several six word phrases to describe herself:

Always looking for The Grey Area.
Meet my best friend, Amazon Prime.
Graduate degree in Blooming Where Planted.
What does boredom feel like again?
My 3 year-old poops in sandboxes.
Unlikely mix of redneck and liberal.
The Bakken: Home of my heart.
Married to Trees, Affair with Sky.
WRITER, Wife, Mother, Friend, Sister, WRITER.
Blogger Rachel Kelly and her children


And what a writer she is. She’s lived in many places around the United States, but this Thanksgiving she finds herself in the rugged oil patch region of Western North Dakota, The Bakken.

She describes her response as people ask her if she really likes it “up there?” For her, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Here is an excerpt:

“Sometimes I feel like I might be living in a dream, like one day I’ll wake up and the adoration I have for this place will have faded like an ill-fated love affair. But the truth is I’ve loved one thing or another about all of the places I have lived, but I have never loved myself in a place more than I love myself here, in North Dakota, where the expanse of land seems endless and unwavering, where rebel dust clouds visit every surface and crevice, where trees, my true love, are as scarce as rainbows, where the biting winds of winter torment my face, forcing me to hide behind layers of clothes. Beneath these clothes which shroud me in protective warmth, I am as free as ever.”

I won’t go on any further. Go to her blog yourself and read what she has to say about her new home. You might find a new appreciation for your own surroundings.