A Lesson In Social Media Usage From Trollwood

Often times, I  go out and speak to community groups about social media (by the way, I’m taking appointments now, so if you’d like me to talk about blogging and social media to your club or organization I’m available. No charge. But of course, I won’t turn down lunch if it’s offered. I’m not stupid.). Anyway, I tout the benefits of using your Areavoices blog as part of your multi-tiered social media plan.

How you can use it as a promotional tool right along side your website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Many of our best bloggers do just that.

Today, I wanted to highlight one. Trollwood Performing Arts School does an excellent job communicating with the public regarding their upcoming events. For example, this Monday the school is set to both unveil a new website and announce its 2013 Mainstage Musical.

You’ll notice they’ve promoted it on their Facebook page  and on Twitter @Trollwood. They also sent an email blast to interested people promoting the event and going to Facebook and checking out their Areavoices blog as well.

What’s especially helpful is that they used the blog not just to tease the upcoming event, but to provide further information for the public. In this case, an interview with the website designer from Sundog. (Experienced bloggers themselves. They have a blog on Areavoices as well.) So the reader is left with more than a nugget of news but information that otherwise might never have been heard or seen.

Great job Trollwood!

(And no, this praise of Trollwood is not my way of bribing them into telling me early what this year’s show will be. I tried. They’re not budging.)