Divas On Areavoices!

I love the first few lines on the new Diva Connection blog:

We believe if angels had access to a social network, instead of using their profiles to show off how high they can fly, they would use this connection to ask: What can I GIVE to help you fly? We can all be angels on Earth and together help others fly higher.

That’s the whole idea behind Diva Connection.

“Diva Connection is a non-profit organization that CONNECTS women who aspire to GIVE their Time, Talent and Donations to women who are yearning to RECEIVE the fulfillment they need in the areas of Personal Support, Health Enhancement, and Career Empowerment.”

It’s a matter of helping women connect with other women. As Executive Director Nicole Phillips says, “Diva Connection Foundation empowers women, not by giving a hand out, but by giving a hand up.”

Founder Chris Linnares says its all about helping women to create healthier and more fulfilling lives so they can become leaders of change in their families and communities.

“Sometimes to start GIVING big things to the world, we need to RECEIVE a little help,” Linnares says.

We’re happy to say Diva Connection is now sharing it’s news on Areavoices through its new blog: http://divaconnection.areavoices.com

Read stories of women empowering women and see if you’d like to join in!