Looking For The Area’s Messiest Desk!

Packrats everywhere claim that “a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.” If that’s true we are about to introduce you to some very healthy people.

The Messy Desk is a celebration of the messiest desks in the region. We want your pictures! Share just how bad it’s gotten. Do your co-workers, family, and friends make fun of you, cracking wise about finding Jimmy Hoffa in your desk drawers? This is your chance to show your pride for your desk. If it can’t be cleared off, it might as well be celebrated for being the pinnacle of clutterdom. Just send your pictures to me at tracy.briggs@forumcomm.com and I’ll post them to this blog.

Help might be on the way for the messiest among you!

Consider this story for inspiration. Back in the early ’90’s a co-worker of mine lost his father. His job was to clean out his father’s office. As a college professor, his father was known to have saved a lot of old papers, tests, and documents. But my friend couldn’t imagine just how bad it was. My friend found a memo on his father’s desk from 1974. 20 years old. I know some of you can relate.

So show us your clutter and celebrate MESSYDESKITIS!