Why Is An NDSU Student Writing Blog About Fighting Sioux Hockey?

To be fair NDSU junior Bri Gefroh’s blog isn’t just about The Fighting Sioux, it’s about hockey as a whole. And more accurately her love of the sport. She writes:

For the Love of Hockey is a female-run blog about the best sport in the world, hockey. There will be news and analysis of course but also interesting/entertaining things I find from the world of hockey. After all, hockey is a lifestyle.”

She concentrates on covering teams in the Dakotas and Minnesota. She even interns for the Bismarck Bobcats.

It’s an unusual turn for a girl who grew up loving another sport:

“I’ve taken a journey from hoops to puck. I always knew I’d grow up to become a WNBA player… at least until I quit basketball in eighth grade. When I was in elementary school, if you’d have told me that when I got to college, I would fall in love with hockey, I would’ve thought you were on drugs. But nonetheless, here I am.”

She calls herself a UND Fighting Sioux hockey fan “on a campus that bleeds Bison green and yellow.”

She says it can be awkward to wear the Sioux gear to school, but she says it seems to help when she tells people she loves Bison football as well. Maybe that blog is next!I