Growing Pains Can Wreak A Little Havoc Sometimes

And no, I’m not talking about the 80’s sitcom with Alan Thicke. In this case, I’m talking about Areavoices.

Throughout the last couple of years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in both the number of people writing blogs and the traffic these blogs are attracting. People are loving what they’re reading in our blogging community and Forum Communications is happy to be the vehicle to bring this blog content to you.

But with the tremendous growth, sometimes we’re stretched pretty thin trying to keep up. More spammers are trying to gain access to our readers and our spam filters are having to work overtime. The result is sometimes legitimate blogs get marked as spam. If that’s happened to you, just let me know as soon as possible and we’ll get you unmarked.It’s a quick fix.

Also, on occasion some of our bloggers are getting an error message when they try to log in. Again, the result of high traffic. Here’s what Product Development Manager Chris Welle says,

 Right now the issue is that during the morning – due to high traffic – the site will become very slow to respond. This will make it incredibly difficult to post new content in the morning. My short term recommendation would be to try and post your stories in the afternoon while we continue to isolate and implement other solutions.
One longer term solutions that we will be reviewing is to see if we can’t put parts of Areavoices behind a CDN to help relive the amount of bandwidth it takes to host the site. The hope is that by moving parts of the site to a CDN we can save on bandwidth to make the site more responsive during peak traffic. We know by following’s example that their fix for running their own software is to continuously throw more hardware at it when issues arise — that isn’t a luxury we can always afford so we will need to get creative.
Other potential fixes will be to run some updates to Areavoices WordPress software – we are a few revisions behind at the moment.
There is one issue that we can’t ‘fix’ per-say and that is the issue of spam, though we have taken steps to relieve the amount of spam posts, comments and blogs that are created (which can chew up it’s much needed resources) we can only do so much. Spammers are sophisticated creatures and it’s a continuous cat and mouse game between the anti-spam programs we use and the spammers, as a result there will be times when the spam will get through. It’s annoying but it is something we will need to live with when running an open platform like Areavoices (our third largest site in the FCC Network).
In closing, we’ve been trying to determine what can be done to alleviate the morning issues and will be working towards a few solutions over the next few weeks. Also, if there are times where you’re not getting responses via the support email please feel free to reach out to me directly.
So, thanks for your patience. Areavoices is a fantastic way to get your content out to the thousands of people reading our Forum Communications Papers. We value having you in our Areavoices community and hope to make it even easier in the future.