If You Write An Areavoices Blog You’ll Want To See This


So you’ve been writing your blog for awhile…everything is fine. But there’s something missing. The magic is gone. Cue the melodramatic music. Okay, I won’t go that far. But the fact is, sometimes we roll along and blog the way we always do and end up feeling like it could all just be a little bit better.

Well, then along comes help in the form of a fabulous man named Shane Mercer. Shane is the Community Content Coordinator for The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. He describes himself as “The Forum’s blog guy.” Anyway, over the past few days Shane has been posting some great tutorials about making your Areavoices blog even better. His topics have included how tagging helps organize your blog and make it easier for readers, cool things you can do with menus, and how to use the text widget. 

Great advice for anyone using Areavoices. There are two places you can find these tutorials. Shane’s blog or The Support Blog.

Thanks Shane! And if you have specific questions, let us know. We can put together a tutorial to answer your question.