New Way To Start Your Blog!

Hey everyone!

Here’s a heads up for you! If you’re still interested in starting a blog, by golly, we want you to join us here on Areavoices!

We have thousands of you now blogging and it tickles us pink! Our blogs are featured in newspapers across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin which attract almost 2. 5 million people a month. It’s the place to be!

But as with death and taxes, change is inevitable. We’re changing the way you start your blog. The spammers of the world are wreaking havoc on the registration process. So to make things run a little more smoothly, we’ve changed the process.

We’ll eventually have you fill out a form with information we’ll need to start your blog. Simple and easy. Your name, email address, proposed user name, and blog title. With that info, we can get you started. We’ll also ask you what your blog is about so we’ll know if it’s something our editors might wish to pick up in their papers.

All of this will be accessible through a form that will automatically pop up on the page after you hit “Start Here” at But it’s not here quite yet. Details to follow.

In the meantime, you can still start your blog by emailing me at tracy, I’ll need your name, email address, user name and blog title. From there I can start your blog and you can customize it as you wish. I’ll keep you updated as to the registration process changes. Let me know if you have questions!