Three Ways To Get More Page Views

With the amount of content that exists in the digital world, the range of sites is as vast as the topics they cover. We’ve all come across sites that needed a little polish, which makes it easy to spot content that is truly well done.

Here are three factors to consider when creating great content:

1. Write interesting headline and sub-headlines.

Headlines are the first impression your content makes with an audience and compels them to read the first sentence. Be creative. Be edgy. The rest of your content keeps them reading, but if you don’t hook a reader with your headline, beautiful copy at the end of your post won’t matter.

Be specific and think in terms of usefulness – what will readers gain from your article? You should also consider adding words that convey a sense of urgency to compel readers.

Subheadlines are a great way to break up your content while moving readers through it. Don’t be afraid to be clever or even repeat main ideas; that’s how readers commit information to memory.

Style tip: Use title case for your headlines and subheadlines, but do not capitalize prepositions, conjunctions, and articles of four or fewer letters.

2. Provide useful source links. 

A digital audience expects to see links embedded within an article. They should be seamlessly integrated into the content, inviting your reader to learn more by clicking on them.

Unless you are linking to content within your own site, be sure to have links open in another window so you don’t send people away from your content before they’ve finished reading it.

Style tip: Experiment with how many words you include in the link. You can link to just one word or an entire phrase; just make sure it makes sense to the reader what he or she will be learning about after clicking on it.

3. Include enticing imagery. 

Whether this is a beautiful feature photo, helpful images within the post, or an embedded video or clip, incorporating imagery into your content makes it more engaging for a reader.

Reading about how to make newspaper flowers involves using one portion of your brain, but actually watching a video of how someone created them engages an entirely new portion. Think about all the ways you can capture someone’s attention and use those elements in your content.

If you need to find photos to use, you can always Google them and search for Images labeled for reuse. Otherwise, you can check out free photo sites such as Flickr, Unsplash, Gratisography, Pexels, or Pixabay.

Style tip: You can add captions to your photos as well as links.

Don’t be afraid to start incorporating some of these elements even if you haven’t before. Digital content changes constantly, so look for ways to improve your pieces. People can’t help but share great content!