Maximize Views And Shares With These Formatting Tips

In the world of newspaper publishing, reporters were assigned a number of inches to fill with their content. Those inches referred to the exact space available for what they had written—no more, no less.

In the world of digital content, the space available for your information are unlimited…but that doesn’t mean you should abuse that freedom by creating posts that require your audience to scroll endlessly. You need to direct your reader through your piece in a way that keeps them moving and helps them follow the content effortlessly.

Visual cues within your content can take many different forms, but here are the most impactful ways to move your audience through your content:

1. Use subheads to break up text. This will force you to be more creative because you need to come up with a catchy yet applicable subhead. However, the effort will be worth it when your audience can move seamlessly through your content without getting lost or bored.

Subhead and pull quote

Bonus that this post also contains a pull quote, which is up next!

2. Incorporate pull quotes. Chances are good that you have some great sentences within your copy that would make excellent pull quotes. Not only does the element add visual interest to your piece but a pull quote also acts as a reminder about the most important points of your piece.

pull quote

3. Use bold text to make a point. Pull quotes are a great way to make a point and add a visual signpost, but bold text can drive home worthy information in a more subtle way. You can opt to bold a phrase, word or entire paragraph, but be careful. As with everything, moderation is key. If everything in your post is bold, the emphasis is lost.

bold text

These may seem like overly-simplified tips, but they are proven. Most of your audience members aren’t reading every single word you write; instead they are skimming the information to glean what’s most important. Make that easier for them.