New Themes Coming Soon To AreaVoices Sites

The AreaVoices team is excited to start the next stage of the new and improved platform—site conversion!

Many great sites are still being displayed in an outdated theme; now we have the ability to update the look of the site by converting it to a new, more modern theme.

Take a look at this site, which was recently converted to the new theme:

Conversion_old to new

You may notice the similarities (option for a Header image, ability to see most recent posts from homepage) but you you should also see the differences….more visually-appealing, improved use of white space, contributor photo and bio. Here are a few things you can’t see in these images:

  • Social sharing options: this feature allows someone to share your content directly to their various social media accounts.
  • Social sharing tracker: this feature counts the number of times an article is shared on social media.
  • Favorite: this is the WordPress version of an Instagram favorite or Facebook like; it anonymously tells the contributor someone likes the article.

New site features


These changes are aimed at making contributor sites more visually appealing and engaging for your audience.

With any change, we will experience some bumps in the road, but we appreciate your patience as we work through any issues we encounter.

We will begin converting sites to the new theme next week, and we will notify individual contributors once the conversion has happened. If you have any issues as you get familiar with the new site, please don’t hesitate to contact Danielle Teigen at or

In the meantime, keep publishing great content; the new theme is designed to make it look even better than it already does!