What’s New At AreaVoices? We’ll Tell You

We’ve been communicating with our contributors for several months now about the transition from old themes to a new, more user-friendly theme. The transition is necessary to create more modern and streamlined sites; the updated theme also includes ad spots, which make it possible for you to get paid for your writing.

Throughout the year, we will be rolling out additional site features that will allow you to further customize your AreaVoices site. Be on the lookout for emails from us about these new features.

One of the most recent features available to you is the “Featured Content Slider.” When enabled, this component allows you to show your audience the four most recent articles you’ve written in a timed slide across the top of your site.

Enable Featured Content Slider

To enable this feature, log in to your AreaVoices site and click on Appearance > Customize. From the menu, click on Design & Layout and check the box next to “Enable the Featured Content Slider.”

Design & Layout

Keep in mind that because this slider displays the four most recent pieces you’ve written, wait to enable this feature until you have a repository of content available.