How To Be A Better Writer And Editor

If you’re producing content for AreaVoices, you’re a writer. No question about it. You’re creating digital content for an audience to consume. You’re a writer.

That being said, everyone can be a better writer, even professionals. Becoming a better writer and editor comes down to taking time to do both tasks. You need to give yourself time to create your content, but take time before you just hit “Publish.” Let your content marinate for a while (30 minutes to a day) and then go back to edit.

Editing can be as simple as re-reading your content to make sure you don’t have any spelling or grammatical errors, or as complex as rewriting several paragraphs to make your point in a different, perhaps clearer way.

I wrote a post with six tips for editing like a pro, but you can find many different resources for becoming a better writer and editor. My favorite resources are:

Your writing and editing should also include your headline – make sure your words are spelled capitalized correctly, and that your headline is intriguing. A good headline is the first impression your blog makes to a reader, so make it useful, exciting, and somewhat edgy. Your pageviews will thank you for it.