New Theme Options Will Make Your Site Awesome

We’re elbows deep in site conversions, so we wanted to share with you some of the features of the new theme.

If your site is still operating on an outdated theme, but you want to expedite the process, send an email to to have her bump you up to the top of the list.

Featured Content Slider

We covered the Featured Content Slider last month, but I thought you might like a refresher. When enabled, this component allows you to show your audience the six most recent articles you’ve written in a timed slide across the top of your site.

Featured Content Slider

To enable this feature, log in to your AreaVoices site and click on Appearance > Customize. From the menu, click on Design & Layout and check the box next to “Enable the Featured Content Slider.”

Twitter Timeline Widget

Another feature you might consider is the Twitter timeline widget. If you’re active on Twitter and want your readers to see what content you’re sharing, you may want to add this to your AreaVoices site.

Twitter timeline

To install this widget, log into your Dashboard and click on Appearance > Customize > Widgets. You’ll see a long list of options, so scroll down to Twitter timeline. You’ll need to generate a Twitter ID, so you’ll need an established account up and running as well. (Don’t worry, you’ll get more detailed instructions when you’re installing the widget. )

timeline widget

Additional Widgets

If you haven’t explored the widgets, you may want to take a few minutes to do so. You have a number of options that allow you to link more content to your site or offer additional resources about you or your work.

Other widgets

If you ever have any issues with widgets or pages for your site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Danielle for assistance.