Help Your Readers Find Info Easier By Using Categories & Tags

Using categories is an easy way to give your readers a quick hint regarding the content, as well as a great way to organize your content. You can click on a specific post’s category and find content on that site in that same category, thereby increasing your page views and maximizing engagement with your audience.

You should be selecting a category before you publish content. Depending on your site (new or converted), your category options may be different than another contributor’s options. This is the standard list of categories:


You can select more than one category, but don’t select too many—that diminishes usefulness.


Another way to group content is to include tags with each post.

Tags and categories share the same goal of organizing your content to help your readers find articles that might interest them, but they’re set up a bit differently. Categories are set for you by the platform in order to help readers find similar content within the greater AreaVoices community of contributors.

You can think of tags, on the other hand, as your own personal organizational system based on the specific topics you write about. Categories are universal across all AreaVoices sites, but your tags are your tags and will help your readers better understand and find your specific content.

You only need a word or phrase for a tag, but the more often you tag every piece of content, the more groups you’ll create for your content.

Keep in mind that tagging your content becomes navigation if you enable the Tag Cloud widget on your site. That widget will allow your readers to click on a tag and read the articles that have been marked with it.

AstroBob has an extensive Tag Cloud on his site:

Tag Cloud

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