The End (Of Site Conversions) Is Near

Our cleanup of the AreaVoices platform is nearly complete! We’ve been working hard to archive or remove inactive sites and converting those that will remain active on the platform.

We’re down to our final 25 sites!

If you’re new to this newsletter, you may be interested in seeing what we’ve written about in the past. (Or, if you’ve received this newsletter before, this might be a good refresher for you.)

Tech Tips

Logging In – Sometimes we have issues logging in. It happens. This article gives you a quick rundown of options for logging in to your site.

Add Video to Site Easily – A primer on how to add video to your site so it auto-embeds a video player in your post.

Helpful Hints

How To Improve Your Writing In Six Easy Steps – This quick and dirty primer will help you write more efficiently.

Boost Engagement By Knowing When To Post On Social Media – Knowing when you should share content on popular social media sites makes a huge difference in how many people will see it. This article provides tips on timing.

Help Your Readers Find Info Easier By Using Categories & Tags – Organizing your content using categories and tags can be helpful for your audience.

Help Readers Navigate Your Site By Including A Menu – A menu is also helpful to your audience.

Spacing Out: Why White Space Is Necessary In Your Content – White space is vital to a digital audience; this article explains why.

Need A Photo For Your Post? Try These Free Sites – Photos are crucial for your site, so we gave you a list of stock photo sites as well as tips and tricks for maximizing imagery.


Guidelines – Take a peek at our AreaVoices contributor guidelines.

New Theme Options Will Make Your Site Awesome – The new AreaVoices theme has a few cool options you might not realize are available to make your site even better.

Thanks again for hanging in there with us. We’re excited to have everyone on our platform active and operating in the same theme.