10 Steps To Creating A YouTube Channel

Jenna Redfield, an avid YouTube blogger, attended the 2015 MN Blogger’s Conference to talk about the steps in creating a YouTube channel. With more than 400 followers and a couple videos with 3,000 to 12,000 views she shared her tips, tricks and expertise with us. (Video is the next big thing, didn’t you know?)

Here, she maps out the 10 steps in creating a YouTube channel.

1. Know Your Channel’s Purpose

  • By 2017, 69% of internet traffic will be video
  • Look at others in your niche for direction (i.e. food bloggers, beauty bloggers, etc.)

2. Create an Account

*Note: you will not receive a custom URL until you’ve met YouTube’s requirements: 1,000 followers and 30 days active.

  • Connect social media, add channel description page, subscribe to similar channels/competition


  • Create a Banner
  • What to include in the banner:
    • Photo of you
    • Name of channel (blog)
    • Content you cover (fashion, news, conspiracy)
    • Look to other sites for examples of great banners

3. Collect Equipment

  • You may need:
    • Tripod
    • iPhone converter (holds camera and attaches to tripod)
    • Lights (option to use natural light)

4. Determine Content + Time For Filming

  • First 30 seconds NEED to be engaging
  • Keep videos under 10 minutes
  • Recommended time: 2 to 3 minutes

5. Understand Editing

  • Editing programs
    • Mac: iMovie (free), Final Cut ProX
    • PC: Lightworks, VSDC
    • Phone: iMovie app (uploads straight to YouTube)
  • Basics
    • “Ken Burns effect” works well for photos (zooms in and out to give motion to still images)
    • Urge views to subscribe to channel
    • Link social media icons
    • Title page should include: blog name, logo, title of video
    • Add cuts to video – make sure to edit out pauses/silence
    • Use transition slides
    • Add end slide

6. Add Music

7. Upload the Video

  • Creating a thumbnail is EXTREMELY important
  • Be descriptive in the video title

8. Understand SEO + Keywords

  • Don’t stuff keywords into title or video WILL BE taken down by YouTube

9. Monetize Your Channel

  • Can click “Monetize with Ads”, which allows Google to track views with Google Adsense for the potential to get paid
  • “YouTube Studio” app will tell you how much you’re making
  • If you reach a certain amount of followers, you can join a network

10. Promote Your Site

  • Make playlists on your channel (i.e. workout, fashion, news, conspiracy, etc.)
  • Create a channel trailer (preview montage)

The presenter of this session was Jenna Redfield. You can follow her YouTube channel as well as her twitter account.