3 Reasons You Should Attend The MN Blogger Conference

A few members of the AreaVoices team attended the MN Blogger Conference last year and came back with a wealth of information relating to professional and hobby blogging.

The 2016 conference on Saturday, October 15 marks the seventh annual event, which includes a full day of workshops and panelists who offer industry trends and best practices in blogging and digital media.

If you’ve never heard about the MN Blogger Conference, here are three reasons you might want to consider attending:

1. The tickets are affordable.

At only $20 for a full-day conference, lunch and an after-party, you’d be crazy not to consider buying a ticket. Plus, Concordia University in St. Paul is a great location. If you’ve been itching to visit the cities for a weekend, this might be your best excuse.

2. You can network with other bloggers.

Last year, more than 300 bloggers attended the conference. That’s a lot of people who are dealing with many of the issues you do; they may just turn into valuable resources. Plus, they might be interested in reading what you write, which means more eyes on your content.

3. The conference is on a Saturday.

If you work full-time and blog part-time, conferences during the workweek can be difficult to attend. The MN Blogger Conference is scheduled for a beautiful Saturday on a picturesque campus in the historic heart of St. Paul.

Last year, our team attended several different workshops. You can read what we gleaned from three of the most useful. Be sure to check out YouTube 101 for Bloggers, How to Beef Up Your Food Photography and 7 Trends That Impact Every Blogger.

Featured image courtesy Joel Carlson.

This post is not sponsored by the MN Blogger Conference. We at AreaVoices just enjoyed the event last year and wanted to share the opportunity with all of you!