7 Trends That Impact Every Blogger

Every blog contains these elements: header, navigation, slider/content bar, sign up, recent posts, social sharing options. Here’s a breakdown of the latest trends in digital content and what you may want to be aware of when it comes to your site.

1. Content

    • Everyone is writing listicles… so don’t.
    • Embrace your unique take on life.
    • What’s your story to tell or passion project to share?
    • Seek the right audience, not a huge audience.

2. Technology

    • RSS feeds = dead
    • E-newsletters = alive and well
      • They establish one-on-one communication.
      • They provide the opportunity to start and nurture a relationship.
      • There is added value by providing other content than just your own.
      • Do whatever you can to get in an inbox.

3. Strategy

    • Content syndication = new readers
    • Where is your audience?
    • Syndication is appropriate when building credibility and awareness.

4. Design

    • DIY design tools can be handy (think Canva).
    • Adds a new level of sophistication and visual interest to your site.
      • Consider adding a banner, infographics, art and photos.

5. Social

    • Beware of dark social (what can’t be tracked).

6. Brand

    • To obtain credibility, strive to look less like a blog and more like a simplified website.


    • They are obsolete now; consider removing them from your site.
    • Behavior is changing; conversations are happening elsewhere (Facebook, LinkedIn).
    • Comments can be a relationship-building tool but can also be time-consuming.

This session was presented by Arik Hanson, principal at Communications Conversations and author of Talking Points newsletter.

Featured image courtesy Pioneer Press.