Doubling Down On Site Conversions

Thanks for your patience with us as we convert AreaVoices sites to the new theme. We recently sent a mass email to site owners  whose sites haven’t been converted yet so we can expedite the process. We also contacted site owners who haven’t been active for a while to see if contributors plan to continue posting…
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How To Improve Your Writing In Six Easy Steps

Writing is an art form, and like any art, you need to practice the skill often to hone and nurture it. The same goes for editing. Many people have great content, but it can suffer from basic mistakes or writing issues that could be easily eliminated through editing. Check out these seven quick edits to…
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Help Readers Navigate Your Site By Including A Menu

Depending on how robust your AreaVoices site is, you may want to consider using a menu to help readers navigate your site and the content you offer. You’ll need to decide what you want to present on your menu, because you have a few options. Add Pages If you want to add a page to…
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Help Your Readers Find Info Easier By Using Categories & Tags

Using categories is an easy way to give your readers a quick hint regarding the content, as well as a great way to organize your content. You can click on a specific post’s category and find content on that site in that same category, thereby increasing your page views and maximizing engagement with your audience. You…
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New Theme Options Will Make Your Site Awesome

We’re elbows deep in site conversions, so we wanted to share with you some of the features of the new theme. If your site is still operating on an outdated theme, but you want to expedite the process, send an email to danielle.teigen@forumcomm.com to have her bump you up to the top of the list.…
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