Funny Halloween Costumes For Kids (and We Want To See Them!)

I was googling “Halloween Costumes for Kids” today. Not because my kids are in need of a costume. Nope. They knew what they were going to be weeks’ ago. Halloween is a very big deal at our house. But Forum Community Content Coordinator Shane Mercer and I were talking about how we’d love to use…
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You Asked For It…you Got It!

Okay, I hope Toyota doesn’t sue me for that line. But it fits so perfectly here. I’ve had a few people email me and say they had a hard time finding enough information regarding Areavoices blogging. The information, including frequently asked questions, do’s and don’ts, and tutorials can all be found on this blog. But…
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So You Want To Write About The Oil Boom….

Well, have I got a deal for you… Sorry, couldn’t resist that cheesy line. But it’s the truth. I’ve spoken to a few people with very strong opinions about life in the oil boom of western North Dakota. I’ve encouraged them that instead of keeping their frustrations or excitement to themselves or sharing with friends…
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Does Father Know Best, Least, Or Last?

We’ve all been raised to believe the former. At least those of us who grew up watching black and white reruns on TBS. We watched as Ward Cleaver told Wally not to always listen to Eddie Haskell (has there ever been a better TV character than Eddie Haskell?) And what about Robert Young on Father…
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A Big Congratulations To This Areavoices Blogger!

Local blogger wins national writing award  Congratulations to Areavoices blogger Julie Holmquist who recently received a national award for her blog, “God Tracks: The Evidence of God in Ordinary Lives,.”Holmquist lives in Wisconsin but her blog is featured in Forum Communication newspaper websites across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Holmquist’s blog, found at…
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